Let’s Work Together

Not Just Unique

We Are Ugly with Ideas

Ugly Ideas is basically a bunch of crazies with some “tedhe” ideas, some “corporate ka experience”, some good command over “social media ka content & strategies” and some skill set in “graphic designing & development”. And you know what the best part is? All the fanatics have differences in age, taste, exposure, and knowledge which brings diversity and depth. We gather, think, brainstorm, rebuttal and get solutions to some ugly problems in the digital world.


Follow the Digital Trends & Lead the Changes


The Ugly Idea believes in the “First Movers” philosophy. We always follow the digital trends to stay on Google's FIRST PAGE, because the SECOND PAGE is only used to hide DEAD BODIES!


The Biggest World Brands Always Take Risks


BRANDING is all about being FEARLESS. Successful branding never happens without experimenting and risk-taking. Be Open, Be Badass.


Let’s Boost Your Business & Grow Together


Let’s plan, create, implement, and grow with our unique and effective marketing strategy. The Ugly Idea believes in SYNERGY. It’s simple, you succeed we succeed!

Creating Buzz

Be where the world is going


You know what consulting is modern terminology for “Mel Milap” between the agency and the client. It’s an arrangement where the agency tries to understand the business and expectations of the client and the client takes a dig into capabilities of the agency. If both the parties are satisfied, Wollah! Digital marketing starts.


In our terms marketing is the art of convincing people with the idea that convinced you! Confused? Let’s explain you in bookish language. “Marketing is the action of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.”

Abhi bhi samaj nahi aaya na?

Koi na, Leave the marketing to us! 🙂


All things beautiful, organized and easy-to-use appeal to us and same is the case with customers. They are the same breed. Designing define the aesthetics of any business. The color scheme, font style, graphics give recognition to a brand. Make sure these things never go wrong. The Ugly Idea creates beautiful things with ugly yet unique ideas.


We would say we are misfits and not best fits when it comes to technology because we are not like our competitors who design, develop the website & apps and leave them the same for years. We are a bunch of idiots who constantly want to change things, test, try and experiment. So, make your choice wisely!


It’s true when they say “Content is the King” and the fact that supports this is that we trust content on Google more than Doctors, Scientists, and Researchers. Today everything is Googled!  The Ugly Idea creates content that keeps you relevant on Google and directly hits audiences’ emotional quotient and intelligence quotient.


Just An Extra Ugly Place To Get Started!