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Trends That Will Rule The Digital Realm in 2020

Digital marketing is an ever evolving sphere, where new players, new channels and newer marketing mavericks keep surfacing from time to time. The trends and tactics keep changing but the basics remain static. For you to accomplish your business goals you need to keep pace with changing trends however you cannot mess with the basics. You have no choice but to know who your real audiences are and how to keep them engrossed. Some of the digital marketing trends to reckon with in 2020 are the ones that were big in the past but will be huge in 2020.

The first and the foremost is VIDEO:

51.9 percent of marketers agreed that Videos bring the best ROI. Video communications will take the center stage. Consumers are increasingly relying on direct communications with brands through social Media. Video will be about fun, engagement and experiences that have substance. Live streaming of behind the scene action, the predicament of a certain campaign and the moments of revival will fetch exorbitant traffic. Videos are clearly demonstrative and consumers relate to the Video instantly if it is authentic and transparent.

Buy Buttons:

Social media isn’t just a trivial forum to exchange pleasantries anymore. It is serious business platforms for negotiating business. Players like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram are competing to associate with brands having buy buttons. These buy buttons give the users to buy from home while browsing their social media profiles. These buy buttons will certainly increase traffic on these sites and users on the other hand will get to shop conveniently through their adored social media channels. E-marketers have registered an increase of 34% in revenue thanks to Buy Buttons.

Big Data:

The buzz is that the Big Data market will increase to $19.4% by 2020. You get the best analysis of your market, your target audience and their behavioral pattern. You get to know who is searching for what and if you can pitch them with your product. The Big Data market will increase further as marketers forever need to know who their niche audience is and how potential are the chances for them to get persuaded to buy a product.

Native Advertising:

Native ads push the visibility for brands and subsequently the engagement. Stick to the mantra of authenticity, be more transparent in your conversations and you are sure to win. An increase of 25% has been registered by marketers as consumers willingly opt to view these ads. Native ads are expected to bring the revenue of 74% by 2021.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook messenger has all the likelihood of going bigger in 2020. It gives brands the opportunity to hold one-on-one and one-to-many conversations with consumers. You can send your offers, deals, and other promotional information to a niche subscriber list in the messenger. So this medium is extremely cost-effective and the reach is massive at the same time with millions of active users of the channel.

Behavior based email marketing:

A business motive is to have the right visibility for their brand, customer engagement and eventually to have revenue. Best would be to follow a customer’s buying pattern and sending them customized emails. Do not just bombard them with all the emails you have ready to be sent. Select relevant emails that are likely to intrigue your subscriber. For example, if a consumer has recently searched the web to buy a mobile set, sending them your promotional email about motor vehicles won’t bring anything back for you. Entice them by showing them what they want.

Great Content:

Content has always been the winner and will continue in future too. Publish fresh content that is relevant to your target audience. Contemplate on what they need and approach them with what they are seeking. Let’s face it, no one likes sales pitches. A consumer today seeks something more than a mere pitch, they like brands and services they can relate to. Give them what they want in the packaging of their like. Digital is a competitive platform. To sustain you need to persistently hone your skills, and strategies. You will need to understand the trend and will have to employ them appropriately to churn the right results.

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