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Video Content Marketing 2020

Why is Video Marketing so Effective in 2020

In the ever evolving world of marketing, trends come and go but some come to conquer and one such trend is Video marketing. If you are in a business, it is imperative for you to have visibility and for users to comprehend you clearly.

There can’t be a better way than a video telling people your story? Videos are the best storytellers and the impact that they make is unparalleled. Video has the leverage of making an instant impact with its engrossing storytelling tactics, sounds and engaging visuals.

But how would you ensure that people are listening and that they are interested in your story? First 10 seconds are most crucial when it comes to a video as it has to call for action within those ten seconds if you really want to strike a chord with the consumers.

Get the best involvement possible with your video:

Know your audience before you target them:

Even the best of content and the best video ever, will fall short of expectations if it is not reaching the right people. Make sure you know who you are targeting and how you will reach them. The next step is to know what they want.

Identify subjects that are likely to engage your target audience:

Users, on average, spend more time on a website that has a video elaborating their story. So choose your topic carefully and blend it well with the services you provide. You may have the best knowledge and a matchless product but nothing will work unless you incorporate everything smarty in the video you are uploading. To connect to your audience, integrate all you have in your video with images that have the potential to invoke a desirable response.

Don’t forget that consumer is the king.

Your customer is the star of your video but your product is what makes them the star:

Let your customers know that they matter and give them something that is relevant to them but also make them realize how versatile your product is and why your product is what they need. Tell your customers a story in a way that they can relate to it and then subtly elaborate on the features of your product. At the end, they must feel like they have to have your product. You can use contemporary issues to build upon a scenario and gradually maneuver the spotlight on your brand/product/services. But is it enough to upload your video just on your website?

Do not ignore the sphere that online channels rein:

The best way to reach a wider number of audiences is to use social channels. About ‘100 hours of video’ are uploaded every minute on Youtube according to a report by PR Daily. And almost half of video watching of Youtube is done through mobile globally. Not just that, Videos in 2020 are anticipated to account for 3 quarters of internet traffic. Your online conversations are likely to increase by 80% when you use your video for your landing page. So upload your video on all the social media channels possible so that it can garner as much viewership as possible.

It is obvious that you want the consumers to engage with your brand. Engage them through a video that is engrossing and also informative at the same time. But bear in mind, you can captivate them if only you are serving them with something they have interest in. So knowing your audience is crucial. By giving people an impression that they are being informed about something they care, you can subtly involve them with your story.

Don’t give them a sales pitch, tell them a story; involve them so that they feel like a part of the story. According to CISCO, Video can fetch about 69 percent of internet traffic to your business. So sketch a scenario that is contemporary & relevant; build it in a way that leaves a scope for your services or product to come in as a savior and you have your successful video to be uploaded on multiple channels.

Key points to bear in mind are:

• Make sure your video is concise and crisp
• The message it renders is simple
• It gives something fresh to your audience
• Your audience learns something new with your video
• And that the features of your product or service are boldly yet meticulously mentioned

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