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Your purpose for the website and who is the targeted audience. Yes, we need it all to get the best results for you. Imagine your ideal customer, their devices, their age, gender, demographics, interests and then coming up with a stunning website. For sure it will be a HIT!

After the information gathering, we work on sitemap plan. A sitemap is a list of all the topics and sub-topics of your website. The sitemap will help you be able to visualize the website and how a user can jump from one page to another. And then we design your webpages.

Now here we actually start to build your website. We code, build functionalities and do everything. The homepage will usually be created first, and then all the sub-pages will come after. You will make sure the website can be accessible from both a desktop and mobile phone.

Your content and visuals will convey your message to your audience and encourage them to use your website. But before we jump int the content and graphics part, we need to figure out your goals and purpose. Your content should be relevant and interesting enough that your users keep coming back.

Once the website has been successfully created, it’s not quite ready to be launched just yet. it goes for testing first. We check all the possible failures, correct them and then launch it with a trustworthy hosting space. The website will now be viewable to the public.

tools we use

we use the latest tools and check the website before it is available to the public.

our work samples

every website we developed is robust, easy for new uses and is fulfilling its goals

apart from the development

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