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Website Conversion Rate

Traffic But No Conversions? Have You Ever Wondered Why?

So you baked a cake but you cannot eat it. Not only is this situation disappointing but also frustrating. Same is the situation with businesses that have the click rate on their website but not the conversion.

Have you ever wondered why you get no conversion despite a good click rate? It’s time you analyze the situation if you want to sustain in the business.
Start with analyzing your website: In case you are sat on that chair, playing on your mobile thinking my website is up and running, business will follow too. Well, you are in for a shock. Having a website doesn’t assure business. Yes a website is crucial but it doesn’t ensure business.

How engaging is your website?

You assume that your website has all the necessary information. Your ‘About Us’ section is spot on and your product is great too. Hang on! Did you place the call to action (CTA) at the right place?
Make sure you have the CTA placed on your landing page. Your CTA has got to be clear, and the font better be easily readable too. User must easily be able to see the click button else they will abandon your page.

Are you targeting the right audience?

There is a reason why people prefer quality over quantity. To get quality traffic you need to know your audience. You need to know who you are targeting. Let’s assume you sell Men’s Business Suits. Certainly your target audiences are men, most likely above 25 and predominantly from corporate background.
You could use a number of tools such as demographics, Geo Reporting, Acquisition Channel reports and more to determine the nature of traffic you get.

Demographics: Use demographic reports to determine whether you are getting traffic from the right age group and gender or not.

Geo report: Geo Report will make it clear whether you are getting the traffic from the right location or not. Suppose you sell Men’s suits in New York and you do not have a shipping policy. In that case traffic from Sydney will not do the trick for you.

Acquisition Channel Report: Obtain Acquisition Chanel Reports so that you know which of the employed channels are bringing the most desired results and concentrate on those channels.

Is your SEO strategy working for you?

Whether you like it or write it off, Search Engine Optimization brings traffic on your page. The success of your website depends on the accuracy of keywords, since crawlers bring out the pages that have the right keywords.
Consumers search the web with random words and yet those random words have a pattern. Ensure that your website is optimized to make use of those patterns.

Cash on the consumer’s interest

Follow trends and patters and create categories on your website page that you deem will interest your target audience. Again you can use demographics and analytics to determine which category will entice your audience.

Associate with influencers

Unless you are an established brand, a user is not going to have trust in you or your work. Associate with influencers in your niche. If you convince them to mention you in conversations and blogs, their followers will know about you and might eventually be interested in using your services.

Ask for Reviews

Try to convince your customers to write about you. Entice them to write and reward them accordingly when they do. More than 80% of buyers read reviews before making shopping decisions. Each good review can work wondrously in your favor.

Track your potential customer

What have you been doing for the people who visited your website but did not buy from you? Track their patters and approach them with stuff they were seeking while they were on your page. They are more likely to buy from you than those who have never been to your page.

Social Media

Nurture the relationships you have embarked with the ones who have bought your services. Keep them informed about your new offers on the mail and the social media. Show them that you care and that you value their association with you. Keep them in the loop forever.

Use these simple and inexpensive tools and see what kind of impact they make to your business and sales.

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